Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Canna Again!

Sorry guys but I just had to do it. Last night in Zurich something very special happened...... Fabio Cannavaro was named Fifa world player 2006. Im bursting with pride :). Oh and my condolances go out to Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho. Next time guys. Oh my bad, there wont be a next time for you Zizu! hahahahaha.

And Kavi sweetheart!!!!, Im so sorry for making fun of Zizu. Are you happy now?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas List

Well ok I dont actually celebrate Christmas, But just bear with me, Get into the Christmas spirit. They are'nt in any particular order.

1) Could barely recognise Bono in this pic. Ah! U2, My favourite band of all time.
2)Robbie Williams!!!. I would Let him entertain me anytime. Wouldnt you?

3) A Spongebob Squarepants soft toy, to cuddle at night.

4) The new Oasis album "Stop the Clocks" Love their music. Brings back lots memories.

5) "FIFA 100 Years" Soccer DVD Combo (3-DVD Set). Ok this really should been number one. Heavenly! The perfect Presie

6) Chris Pine or Chris Evans. Now I wouldnt mind cuddling with either of them ;)

7) And Lastly a Big Hug from a very special person :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


As some of you might know my man Fabio Cannavaro aka 'The Berlin Wall' (Get it?) was awarded the coveted title of European Footballer of the Year. This is the coolest thing ever and he totally deserves it. I glad hes finally getting som recognition. Heres a really good reason why he deserves it. This all went down before their world cup match against Ghana. I really admire them. I mean going all they to the finals and winning considering all the messed up stuff they were going through.

This is taken from an interview by Allan Tonetti. I think eveyone should read this as it reveals the intrinsic worth of a Captain. And it shows you just what an immensly remarkable man our Fabio is.

Buffon: "What prompted us to come together? Our captain's presence. His words and actions, that was everything. Without it, we wouldn't have had this unity." "It was the second night of camp. All of the players were having dinner when I received a summons from the Parma Prosecutor's Office telling me to make an appearance the following day. Sensing the (change in the) atmosphere, every face in the room hardened. I felt a strong responsibility for dampening the mood like that, while feeling this nameless anger build within me. But I was desperately trying to endure it.

Having finished eating, we began heading back to our rooms. That's when Fabio asked everyone to wait, gathering all of us around a table. He then said, 'Whether or not Gigi has committed a crime, I don't know the truth. But I do believe him to be a man who would admit to his wrongdoing if he's guilty. That's who Gigi is. And Gigi is saying he's innocent. (That's enough for me to) shred any kind of doubt. I believe him from the bottom of my heart.'

""He then invited everyone (to speak up). 'I have a favour to ask. If there's anything that's bothering you, I want you to share it with us now. Our coach knows about my talking to you tonight. We also agreed to get everything out in the open and not discuss it in any form after this point. Please raise your hand if you have any doubts towards Gigi or any of us from Juve in connection with the scandal. If there's anything you want to say, please say it now. A team can't bond if we're hiding something. And to win the World Cup, we need (to form) a strong solidarity. If you want to win the World Cup, please voice all your thoughts.' "

Allan Tonetti- And how did your team-mates respond?

Buffon- "They all expressed their trust for me in their own ways. Francesco in his characteristic Roman accent, Cristian by looking into my eyes and nodding quietly. They all showed me that our thoughts were one. Without that night, our match against Ghana may have had a different outcome. I wouldn't know for sure, but prior to that incident, Italy was in a state of confusion, enough to make that thought possible. At least, my mind was undoubtedly in a mess. It's thanks to Fabio and my team-mates that I can now concentrate on winning each game."

source(s): gigi interview by alan tonetti, Number, wc special issue 2

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jay Sean

Ok so you might think I'm a bit delayed buy I thought he was HOT then and I still do. I've loved him ever since I saw him him walking down that street singing "I got my eyes on you". They used to play the video every day on YOTV, remember? It was infectious.

If London guys look like this then I wanna go to London. Oh and Dont worry my blog is not gonna turn into a Nicole/Leeann "Hottie of the day" page. Although I love that page. Jays real name is 'Kamaljit Singh Jhooti' , btw. Personally I prefer Jay.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Birthday Celebrations!

Well I havent slept for two days so please keep that in mind as you read this.

Firstly I just wanna say a big thanks to Zoe, Sal, Lee, Sash and Mel for making this my funnest birthday to date. I love you!. That Chingy song is in my head " Chillin at the holiday inn" something like that.

The concert was a bit crap and badly organised but we made the most of it. But I think everyone should stop complaining about it cos it was for charity after all and we got see that hottie Shayne (even though we were far away and he didnt call me on stage). That whole golden circle standing/sitting thing was dumb. Thay should have had the seated peops on the sides and the standing directly in front of the stage instead of standing golden circle behind the seated golden circle (thats where we were btw). But we had fun. Even though we didnt know any Rene` Olstead songs ( they all sounded the same), or know how to do the dance moves to Bananrama's "Venus" like our fellow east coasters. (they have a real following here. Who would have guessed?). We put up with Will's bad jokes ( for a while then decided to leave cos we thought Ronan wasnt coming on) he fancies himself a stand up comedian like Robbie. But sadly we missed Ronan who I was madly in love with since I was like 10 :(

Anyway we had a blast so it was cool. And Shayne is the yummiest guy I've seen in a while. That manchester accent (Swoon). And hes a United supporter not a City supporter. Yay! Oh and Joe I think it was Marc's birthday on saturday so he cant be all that bad.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I have decided that in future that while the soccer is on, Im going to keep my phone/mxit (I know refer to my phone as mxit btw) far away from me. Its to damn distracting and I cant concentrate on the game. I was so upset on tuesday night cos I felt as if didnt even watch the match. :( During the World Cup I only used to go online during half time, i fear Im becoming an addict. Cos nothing comes between me and my soccer.

I was thinking yesterday that if some of these footballers ( I wont mention any names) spent more time practicing and less time styling their hair, their soccer skills will be so much better. I mean come on! Its a football pitch not a damn modelling ramp

Monday, October 30, 2006

Who Knew.... Ed Kowalczylk was so damn hot. Imagine my surprise on Saturday night. The concert was freakin awesome, What an experience. I dont think even Nickleback will live up to that performance.